It’s My Party and I’ll Post If I Want To

When I was little, I loved disposable cameras. I loved everything about them, from the whine of the charging flash to the hollow click of the shutter button to the anticipation that came from waiting for that magical phone call. Hello, this is the Wal-Mart photo center. Your film has been developed and is ready for pick-up.

Most of all, though, I loved the finished product, being able to hold in my hands little snapshots of my past (and by past, I mean my two weeks ago, because that’s an eternity to a seven-year-old). These photos were proof that I had done something, but more importantly, they were perfect time capsules of the things I loved. My favorite things in life were among my most popular photography subjects, and those nice little photo packs were often filled with pictures of my room, my toys, and my parents from unflattering angles. It was important to me then, just as it is now, to be able to capture these things so I could always remember them.

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