An Open Letter to Spring

Dear Spring,

You’re not too far off now! I know you’re coming soon, because every day I see another hint of you, another little clue telling me you’re just around the corner. Yesterday, I could have sworn you were here. The sunshine was warm on my skin, and there was a soft breeze playing with my hair. Campus was alive with people crawling out of the shells of their coats and boots to take to the grass with soccer balls, the courts with basketballs, the picnic tables with sandwiches and a friend. It was beautiful, Spring, just like you.

Your frigid older brother is still holding on, of course. According to my calendar, his time isn’t up yet, and we both know that he’ll try to stick around for as long as he can. The app on my phone tells me not to put away my sweaters just yet and to hold on to my gloves, because I’ll be needing them soon when Winter reasserts himself.

But it won’t be for long, because I know you, Spring. I know you creep in slowly before being here to stay. You tease me with pretty yellow days before giving me the warmth to match. You bring back the birds, reacquaint me with their cheery songs, before giving them places to hide among budding trees. You turn the grass soft and green once more before gifting me with sweet-smelling rainbows of wildflowers. You give me subtle signs right under Winter’s nose that his time is almost up, that you’re waiting in the wings to thaw me and bring the world back to life.

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